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More Photo's!!

I am sure that most people viewing this page have by now
heard the story about our infamous Mr. Eagle and his
escapades when around water. As his good friends I think
we should all be responsible to keep this man well away
from "ALL" no one ever knows when he will decide
"To take a plunge"!

Do you recognize our favorite Scot? Notice the twinkle in his eye
and his Halo before swinging?

We love ya John!

Ken and Donna Henderson

We met Ken and Donna Henderson last November and really enjoyed their company.
They love early tee times so they didn't join us for Snowbird Tuesday but
were working on them to join us in 2004!

Roy and Cindy MacPherson

Roy and Cindy MacPherson caught the golfing bug and will be joining us
for Snowbird Tuesday next year. We hear that Roy is building his own
Par 3 hole in his backyard and will be practicing to prepare for next year.

"Vic and Elaine"

This is Vic preparing for a tough day on the links! Some people
need more "Preparation" before a game of golf than others do! HA!

Now for our last and final page on that little Gopher
one last time to take you to our Happy Hour Page!

Thank Goodness! They are through clicking! My head is killing me!

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