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"Shirley's Stained Glass"


I started doing Stained Glass about 7 years ago and I love it!
My favorite things to make are Windows and Lamps. I have made
5 windows and about 10 lamps so far! Stained Glass is a very
challenging hobby but also a very rewarding one. Words cannot
express how you feel when you finish with a project.To simply
say that you are proud of it is really an understatement.

I will never forget the first window that I made of two Hummingbirds
and Flowers. When I got through with it and held it up to the light
coming in through the window and all the beautiful colors all blending
in together was so AWESOME ....that I cried. I would like to share some
of the things that I have made with you on this page and I truly hope
that you enjoy looking at them as much as I do myself.

"Small Hummer with flowers"

"Hummingbird Fan"

"Stained Glass Hummingbird"

"Ruby Throated Hummingbird"

"Hummingbird Plate"

I designed the Hummingbird Plate myself...I used a plate for a pattern.

This is a hummingbird panel that I did for a
friend of mine that lives in Australia....her name is Pammy.
Actually there is a story behind Pammy's Panel.
Pammy lost a child when he was very young. I told Pammy that
the flower in the panel was in memory of her son Terry.

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