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Dear Father in heaven who reigns from up above
I have a favor to ask you that concerns my love.
With a crying humble heart I am asking you today
to protect my son and keep him from harms way.

We are living in times with rumors of war
with foreign countries that are so afar.
My prayer is that "YOU" will protect us all
especially our military who stands so tall!

They represent our country and are so brave
to step forward to protect with lives to save.
I ask you Father to protect not ONLY my son
but "ALL" our military leaving out "NONE".

I ask simply as a "Mother" putting all my faith in you
You are our creator,there's nothing you cannot do.
Please put a Guardian Angel around each and every one
As they do their job for our country until it all is done.


SFC Christopher Scott Wright

Credits and Acknowledgements:

Where would we be without our friends?
I Love You All....God Bless you!
Thanks Carol for the Beautiful "Mother's Prayer Print"!
Thanks Gloria and Elaine for the Military Print!
Thanks to Bunny and Pammy for helping me find this very special song!
Please take the time to listen to the entire is beautiful.


God brought my son Chris back from Korea safe and sound!
I am truly grateful to "HIM" for watching over my son
during this time. However...I still need all of your prayers
concerning my son Chris because you see as it stands right
now he is due to go to Iraq in November of this year(2004)
for one year. I know that I will not be able to make it
through this without God's help. I would appreciate all of
your prayers for Chris along with "all" of our brave young
men and women who are in war at this time defending our
country. Being a mother of a son that you love more than
than life itself is the hardest thing in this world to
cope with knowing he is going to war.
I still pray with every fiber of my being
that they will get this war over with fast.
We have lost enough lives already. How do Mother's cope
when they lose a child?
I cannot imagine the agony of it. So...I am putting my son
in God's hands and I pray he will put a "Guardian Angel"
around him at all times and protect him every second he is
over there and bring him home to his new wife Cindy and all
of his family who love him so much. I know and believe with
all my heart and soul that God will protect him.
I very humbly ask that those who see this page please
remember him and "all" of our Military until this war
is over with. Please feel free to share this page with
everyone you know. Remember...our military is doing all
all of this for "ALL" of us so that we can live in a
safer world. Please remember them daily in your prayers
I am but just "ONE" mother but I am speaking for
all of the Mothers in this world that are going through
this agony and worry at this time in our country.

So God I am asking that you be with all of our military
at this time and also be with all of the Mothers...
Fathers...and Families that have to endure this pain in
their life as well.
I ask this in Jesus Name...Amen.


Song Playing is "A Mother's Prayer"
Sung by: Collin Raye
Poem Written By: Shirley Wright
Graphic's Framed by: Shirley Wright
Written: March 1st 2003

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Copywrite "Catty's Creations" 2003

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