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"Pammy's Pals"

Pammy Harris had many friends on the internet.
Below are some graphics that were made for
her by some of her closest friends.

This one was made by "Lady Fairiedust"( Helen )
from all of Pammy's Cottage sisters.

Graphic from Elaine and Al Watson.

How can you sum up with mere words what an amazing
person someone is? How do you tell them how you feel,
what knowing them has meant to you? Saying "We love you"
just seems so inadequate! Al and I have known Pammy for
some time now and to say she's been a beacon of hope is
hardly enough to say what an impact Pammy has had on our lives.
Regardless of the challenges she has faced, not once in a while,
but on a daily basis, Pammy has been a source of inspiration
and courage! She's shown us how to tap into that wonderful soul
we all have and show the world that we won't be beaten down,
no matter what is thrown our way! How often we've told her that
she gives us the impetus to get up and get moving, to carry on.
Each loving share via email and each kind word gives us the
strength that we need to carry on. Nothing was ever too much
for Pammy. She just drew on her inner beauty and love for life
and urged us to live on, that each day has a purpose. No matter
how stacked against her the odds were, she always manages to
fight the good fight, giving us all that she can, showing
by action and word that there is always something to press
forward for, to achieve, to realize.
Regardless of how she herself is feeling, she
shares a kind and encouraging word, a smile, a hug.
When all is said, the only word that comes to mind is "HEROINE"
and to so many, that is our Pammy!
For all your beauty, both outward and inward, we are honored
and proud to have you as a friend!
You are a one in a million and you are loved!
Angelhugz and blessings always,
Elaine and Al

Red Mysts gifts of Love to Pammy

Poem from Red to Pammy...

"I need to say goodbye although your with me"

Pammy, I'll need to say goodbye although you're with me.
We'll stand beside your grave someday, yet you'll be here.
I'll miss you terribly and hope you miss me,
But when I turn to you, you're always near.
I talk to you as though you lived within me,
Not changed but simply moved in from outside.
I know each day you must a little leave me,
But here, as always, you must be our guide.
You were and are and will be, just as ever,
In many minds and hearts, not only mine.
No physical event can such love sever;
Death is a dimension, not a line.
And so goodbye does not mean you are gone:
So long as I still love you, you live on.
By Nicholas Gordon
"modified by Red "

Shirley's graphic for Pammy...

When I think of Pammy...I think of Australia...
Pammy was my very first friend "ever" from Australia.
It is a place I always wanted to go but knew I never
would be able to. So...naturally I made a graphic putting
Pammy's picture in the map of her country.
My poem for Pammy on page "3" of these "Memory Pages"
pretty well sums up my friendship with her over the years.
I will add a final note by saying that I have never known
a person in my life that has gone through all of the pain
that Pammy has gone through with but still managed to find
Humor in life and something to laugh about every day.
She never wanted pity or sympathy in any way.
She will always be my "Hero"

Save a spot for me Pammy...we will get to meet one day.

Bunny's gift of Love


You want to know how I met Pammy?
Well...if I recall, Pammy and I both belonged to SDWorld.
In the beginning, I didn't know all that was wrong with
you Pammy, and wondered why everyone made so much of a
fuss over you. I also never knew all the sad things that
had happened in your life. You are my hero you know!
I want to be just like you when I grow up.....hahahahaha

Then you were going to come to the U.S. and I told you that
you could stay with me. Of course by then we were getting
to be good friends, and writing personally back & forth.

Sometime during all of this, I found out all you had wrong
with you, and now you have so much more wrong too.
I really have always admired your love for God, courage,
faith, and spunk through it all.

Needless to say, we became VERY good friends. Just like a
sis you are to me. Maybe more! We have promised to save enough places in Heaven so we can
be together much later in life, and a place for Shirl (catty)
too. I know we will recognize each other.

Somewhere along the line, I found out you loved music as much
I do, so from time to time I would make you a bunch of CD's
and send them over the water.
Pammy, you told me you would spend every Sunday, and maybe
some other times listening to the music, and getting the
same peace and joy out of it as I did. I think that made
us closer too as we both are so touched and enjoy it so much.

I remember you sent me a pretty pin for Christmas one year.
I still have that on my big bulletin board.

And oh, do you remember the map you did of the Words members?
I still have that. You did an awesome job. Much better than
some people could ever do with fingers. You did it all in
html too. What a job that must have been, and I thank you
so much. You made me the sparkle Bunny tag below too.

Now I am waiting for you to teach me PSP before I get too old
and my poor crazy brain goes completely sour.

Loves you always my sis...My Ratty

Special thoughts of Pammy from her friends online.

I would like to add here that Pammy was a member
of SD World online for many years.
Everyone in the group meant so much to Pammy.
She shared her witty sense of humor with all
of her SD World Pals and appreciated them
for being there for her as she battled SD.
Pammy's own personal story is in the book
titled "Voices of Scleroderma" Volumn 1...
Editors Judith R. Thompson and Shelley L Ensz.
If anyone reading this would like to buy this book
to have in her memory please go to...
They will tell you how to get the book from that page.

"Thoughts from Jill Enstrom"

Pammy and I have always shared our USA and Aussie Grandchildren,
our laughs and pain with each other. seems that we
have sent photo's to each other for years! We both have the same
type of sense of humour that we live helps us get
through our tough times. I sure wish that we lived closer so
we could share more of our Grandchildren stories together.
I know how much Pammy's Family means to her...Oh!...and
Pammy's Bingo( bet you thought that I had forgotten that! )...
didn't you Pammy? LOL! You sure are one "Tough Cookie"
dealing with daily problems life has dealt. I sure admire you!
I will always love you Pammy!
Jill Eeeeeeee!

"Thoughts from Carolyn Ford"
Pammy I hope you are able to read this small token of my
love for you. You have always been so well thought of
by myself and others and always been able to put smiles
on our faces so at this time I would like to let you know
that I love you sweetie and will say a prayer for you and
send love your way. You are a very special person and I
am blessed to have had to in my life.
Hugs and Kisses

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