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Hummingbirds,hummingbirds, "Oh My"
how very tiny you are.
You hum and hum and flap your wings,
as you travel very far.
When spring arrives, I put out my "feeders",
and wait and wait and wait.
According to the weather,you may be early,
or "sometimes" a little late.

When the first bird finally shows,
it "always" makes my day.
you dip your long beaks in the feeders
and drink and drink away
But when another bird wants to share,
you don't like that one bit.
You dart and dip and chase them away
as you pitch your little fit.

When summer's finally over and you fly South,
I'll miss you very much.
You filled my days with "AMUSEMENT"
even though far from touch.
Just remember that next summer,
I'll be here waiting for you.
I know you'll make my "sunny days" happy,
just like you always do!

Shirley Wright
January 1993

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