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Come on in! Walk through my Garden with me!

"Yellow Mums"

"Orange Hibiscus"

"Light Pink Lillies"

"Light Pink Hibiscus"

"Dark Pink Hibiscus"


I hope you have enjoyed looking at my flowers that
has brought me so much pleasure over the years.
When God created our beautiful flowers he did it
with all of us in mind.

"Always" remember to "Take time to smell the Roses".
Enjoy every moment of your life along with the beautiful
things in Nature that God has given us for our pleasure.
Never pass a beautiful flower without taking the time to
smell it's fragrance and admire it's beauty.

Shirley Wright
November 1st 2002

Acknowledgements and Credits:

Music: "Welcome to my world" By: Jim Reeves
Photo's by: Shirley Wright
Cherub Fountain by: Shirley Wright
Stationary by: Sharon Kay

The "Waterfall" and "Lady by the lake" scenes by Pat.
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