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Welcome to Shirley's Flower Garden!

Please give my pages time to completely download before
you start to scroll will enjoy them a lot more.
Wait until it says "DONE" in the lower left hand corner of
your computer or until the song is playing clear! LOL!
Have patience now...good things come to those who wait!!

Over the years I have come to really appreciate Nature
and I guess you can say that I am "Flower" crazy!
There are so many kinds that we can plant and admire
year after year. I want to share with you some of the
plants and flowers that I have had in my life.
Just looking at a beautiful flower can lift your
mood in an instant.

I am sure that you have heard the saying
"Take time to smell the roses"
No truer words were ever spoken.
So come on in and sit for a while
as I show you my lovely garden.

This is "My Lady" holding a basket of flowers...they are "Pink Vinca's"

"Lavender Hydrangeas"

We grow them big in Alabama!

"Hot Pink Azaleas" That my two Shih-tzu's are checking out!

"My Beautiful Lantana"

"Asparagus Fern"

I hope you enjoyed looking at my first page of my Garden.
Are you ready to see more Pretty Flowers? Here we go!
Just click on the little "Birdbath" below to take you there!
But first...notice the little Hummingbirds kissing! Aren't they precious?

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