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Catty and Ratty

We started out our friendship as Pammy and Shirl
We had a lot in common you see...more than most girls
We met on the internet after I read about her life with SD
I also had SD and needed a friend to talk to see.

After I read her story, I had to write to her right away
That first email started a friendship that lasted till this day
Even though we were actually thousands of miles apart
Over time we soon became a big part of each others heart.

As the years went by Shirl became known as "Catty"
and Pammy being Pammy naturally became "Ratty"
We had so much fun with our nicknames along the way
The two names fit us just perfect is all I can say.

We shared a lot of laughter throughout the years
But we also shared some grief and all of our tears
Pammy and I knew we would never meet on this earth
But the day would come making the waiting well worth.

So when your time comes high my friend
Please hold a spot for me, until then my "Love" I send
I know that God puts us in each others life for a reason
it might be for a day...a month...a year...or a season.

From the first day we met I called Pammy my "Hero"
She had more strength and courage than anyone I know
I am proud to have known her and called her my friend
We will be Catty and Ratty together until the very end.

Fly high my Dear high!
We will be together soon!

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Poem written by: Shirley Wright
In memory of Pammy Harris
Copyright 2004

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