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" The mask "

When I look in the mirror at the person I see
Sometimes I wonder who is looking at me
She puts on a mask before facing the day
Though her heart feels heavy her cares
she pushes away.

In her eyes there's a sparkle...
on her brow not a frown
And when she is ready to go...
she's "up" never down
There's no sign of trouble on
the mask that she wears
If I didn't know better... I'd say she hadn't a care.

But under the mask there's
lost dreams and some pain
And a deep well of strength
that fills again and again
Most never look deeper than
the mask that she wears
What they see on the surface
is all that they care.

But...Oh what their missing
by not lifting the mask
The surface is never the place
one should bask
The core of the person
is what you must know
If you look deep inside the
real self will show.

The priviledge of knowing
a person that deep
Is truly a treasure filled
with memories to keep
Most people know heartache
and have a story to tell
But...they are wearing a mask
to cover their hell.

So take the time to look
beneath the mask
Although it may be a very
hard task
Don't take for granted by
just what you see
Look under the mask...
you'll find the real me.

Author Unknown...

Please click on the mask below to read
the poem that I wrote about Pammy and our
friendship throughout the years.

Top Graphic made by "Shirley Wright"


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