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Pammy's Update!

January 2005

Last year I was found my right lung had a very rapid progression of
Pulmonary Fibrosis. I had trouble with my left lung prior to this
which was only mildly affecting my disability I never felt as
breathless as I did one year ago.

Well after my friends said I should have a check up, as I sounded terrible
and so slow at getting around So me as
casual as can be said "Oh Gee I think it's because I'm putting on weight!"
Anyway I finally had a check and heaps of tests taken at my Local
G.P's ..He gave me a letter to take with me for next hospital
appointment Thats when all hell broke loose I ended up collapsing right
then and there ..

The Specialist with NO holding back anything said you have just handed me
your "DEATH SENTENCE" next I knew I had oxygen mask on me
bringing me round ..well I said you mean I'm dying and So So Bluntly he said
I only give you a few months...So the wheels started turning right from
there they explained the only thing was that to prolong my life for a year
or more would be I would have to undergo Chemo ( Cylophosamide ) and Steroids
and to start it immediately regardless of my heart meds what ever so within
no time I was given an IV after much ado finding a vein ..

Then the worst thing happens I'm allergic to Steroids which they
already knew so they whipped that line out and said we will hope for
the best and when able put you on a small oral dose of prednisolone.
With that they couldn't risk letting me out of Hospital ..what with taken
off the heart meds suddenly I had to be under constant care it was a
very harassing night...for four days I didn't know what was going to
happen. Eventually they said "Well this treatment will have to be performed
for 6 months" I spent nearly that whole six months with my head in a basin
or toilet being sick it was the worst thing that could happen. heart eased up pumping out of my chest ha ha ha !!!
I was on 02 for 24/7 ..I was always active and this to me...
I would near go stir crazy ...So needless to say word got around
and my Natural Path ..and one of the Ambulance men
Started me on Green Barley and Noni Juice ...

I could not eat a hot meal...So after Ten months my oxygen levels started
to rise then they reduced my 02 ..I have it when I'm walking or when I feel
puffed ...also I have to have it all night while sleeping until they do
some kind of sleep pattern of tests on reading 02 level has now come
up to 8 when I was way down to under 5 ..I have defied the odds to date.
Anyway...God is the only one who knows when our time is up...
And further more I believe it is all Nature's foods I'm drinking which has
helped me. I go now on the 15th January 2005 for more restipitory test's
to see if I need three more months of chemo.

I said "NO"... If I'm going to heaven I'll go laughing rather
than have my head continuously in a toilet basin. ha ha ha !!!
I'm up and about great now I feel it coming on so I take a puff I
never leave my Home without my cylinder...I didn't want to look like
an oxywelding bloke, so I bought myself a little shopping jeep I
wheel around with my cylinder and nose job plugged in ...People
come up to me and ask I just's the fashion!

They walk off thinking she has a screw loose. I really
don't care...I live life to the fullest and I get a
laugh from the look on their face.
( Caring people are not ignorant...they see me without fingers
know I must have some kind of a problem ) not surmise I smoked
myself silly and it's my own fault
( Laughter has been my medicine for 30 odd years ) and I
intend to carry on another 10 years regardless. I over come
my pain by just saying "Oh go away your only part of my problem".
No Honestly...My "Pain" is Strong ...But "I" am Stronger...
It's a Big issue and I over come it by just pretending it's
No issue ( laugh ) That's my medicine has been for many years
and will stay that way . Never give up! Keep Positive!
Love always Pammy

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