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Amy's World

Epiphany from God

Oh Dear God, Dear Lord,can you hear me pray?
I fear I've left my path and gone very far astray.
With no idea where I am, I've really lost my way.
I've lost my moral compass, the direction I can't say.
I did not see how lost I was until just this very day!

So many things have happened, to me and to my own,
the errors and the mishaps! If I'd only known!
The next few steps are clear, as you reveal my path,
I put myself upon your mercy and your wrath.

The scars I've made to all I love with my razor tongue,
I see now it was my flaw, forgive her, she is young.
You say in your teachings to honor and obey,
it's not enough just to please him in each and every way.

There is a certain patience, an air of special grace,
to put back what is broken and return it to it's place.
The wound however shallow, will always leave a scar,
those markings dark or light, they make us who we are.

For every word we utter and word that we shout out,
there is a certain consequence for all ugliness about.
what we spitter and we sputter trying to add clout,
Oh dear,Oh Lord, my God I am so very astray,
I didn't even know it, not til this very day!

Oh please, oh Lord in heaven,
Forgive me as I fervently try to pray,
for all the bad I've done, the hurt in what I say!
How do I take it all back amd hold it tight to me,
for forgiveness and understanding not given to thee?

I fear I've been a monster and a menace to my own,
how did I come to this small place where I have been thrown,
by all that is good and gracious and the beauty that I've known,
I stand here before you, shivering with cold to the bone,
my realest fear before me, to be left alone.

Dear Lord, Dear God and Baby Jesus too,
I place myself in front of you,
for mercy, for forgiveness and to be led back to my path,
to begin and be anew....

Poem written by Amy Sweeney Brown June 5th,2010

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