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Original songs with a little something for everyone.

Cats Don't Dance bring to you a slice of themselves. Fresh, energetic original music trio. "We want people to leave musically satisfied, with a smile at a recognition of something relatable to their own lives".


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Band Information

C.D.D officially formed in April 2001 as the result of the musical "Shafted" with which all members were involved.

Two of Catherine's songs were featured in the play and the band performed on AM Adelaide as part of the play publicity.

With the ease that these complete strangers came together, it was inevitable that they meld to form a group of their own.

Now there's no turning back!

They are truly committed to entertaining the masses for as long as the masses will have them. They played their 1st gig at S.C.A.L.A at the Office on Thursday May 17.

C.D.D is primarily a 3-piece band, but have the added bonus of a Saxophonist and Violinist to add their dulcet tones to the music whenever they are required ... or inspired!!!

Original songs in a style not so easy to put into a genre; Folk, blues, pop...we've got it all. Easy on the ear, yet active on that toe-tapping "vein" within us all!

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