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Carter Racing is currently seeking
Team Sponsorship.

Our objective

To gain sponsors who enjoy auto racing and want to get their name in front of people.

Who is Carter Racing?

Carter Racing's two drivers are Dick Carter and J.R. Epling, who are brother-in-laws. Dick has been racing for many years and is the driver of the 1961 Ford Falcon. It wasn't until early 1998 that J.R. took an interest in "the family business" - auto racing. He had a 1986 Chevy S-10 that he and Dick thought would make a great race vehicle, and shortly there after, the transformation began.

Both Dick and J.R. are very talented and had great success in accomplishing their desired effect. Along with working their full time jobs, these two worked well into the night, seven days a week turning this almost dead truck into a beautiful racing machine. All the fabircation work was completed in Dick's garage.

Our Goal

To have the Falcon and S-10 running consistantly in top shape, which will ensure racing success. Both vehicles are running great. There are a lot of changes we would like to make which would enable us to be more competetive. We recently updated the Falcon with a Jegster Tube Chasis. We are currently in need of a covered trailer.

Becoming a Sponser

We believe that with enough sponsors we will be able to achieve our goals of racing success and also to set and example for others to reach for their dreams just as Dick and J.R. have.

Along with each sponsorship, we will proudly display the sponsors name on our vehicles to show our appreciation for their support. We would also like information on your company so that we can discuss it with fellow racers, to bring loyal and committed people to your products.

If you would like more information on becoming a Carter Racing sponser please contact us at the addresses below.

Dick Carter
720 Akola Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43211

J.R. Epiling
5360 State Route 229
Marengo, Ohio 43334

Or e-mail us at

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