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The Falcon

Dick Carter has been racing cars since his foot could reach the gas. Cars have come and gone in his racing career, but one car became his passion.

That car is his 1961 Ford Falcon. When Dick originally got the car, it wasn't the hot rod we know it as today. It looked like something you might see a little old lady driving down the street. But Dick could see under that baby blue exterior to the racing animal that was waiting to be unleashed.

The transition began in 1981. The exterior color was changed from that baby blue to a mean street black with red, yellow and blue racing stripes on the sides. They dropped a Bigblock Ford engine to give her a little kick and added a hood scoop and crome as far as the eye could see to finish off the final touches.

The car has gone through some changes since the original transformation in 1981. The engine is constantly in a state of change. Summers at the Carter garage, you will find Dick working on her every change he gets. The color has chaned a bit as well. From that mean street black they went to a cooler blue and then into the colors you see today - a hip teal with some magenta accent stripes to give her some flare.

Carter Racing is an ever evolving team. It is a family affair that has lasted for years, and will keep going as long as that need for speed is there. The family that races together, stays together - Carter Racing is a prime example of that.

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