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Brian's Speech.

Good afternoon,

For those of you who don't know me my name is Brian and I am Chris' brother and also one of the best men.

As part of our role as best men we had to make sure Chris got a good nights sleep, so we went to the pub and then he slept like a baby, waking up every hour crying for his mummy.

I have tried to think of stories to embarrass Chris as it is traditional but other than he is petrified of Gonzo I could think of nothing. That was until the stag do when he gave me all the ammunition I would need. Everything was booked at the last minute but it turned out to be a night that Chris Evens and Paul Gasgoine would have been proud of.

We went to a pub then for a meal, and then another pub that Chris nearly got us thrown out of for helping himself to drinks behind the bar. Then we went to the strip club or exotic dance bar, as I am sure some of you have told your other halves. This proved to be the best move we made all night. Not only was Chris sick on the stripper but also managed to miss all available toilets and cover the floor in a large variety of colours most of which was recognisable as the previously mentioned meal. How I wish wee hadn't gone for a curry. Needless to say Chris was asked to leave and the rest is all bit of a blur.

I'd like to wish Chris and Mandy all the happiness they deserve. Chris, in Mandy you have found someone who is wonderful, has a lovely personality and is easy…..

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To get along with.

Mandy, in Chris well they do say opposites attract.

I think that is enough from me, and I hand over to Grant.

Thank you.

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