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About Me

Computer Help

A Cool Video

Wait about 2 Min (on DSL or Cable) for it to open, it's worth it! 

***It looks less choppy and better quality if you sit about 3m away from your monitor***

This is a kick ass snow and skate video I put together, it's 40 min long so if u want it CLICK HERE and save it to your computer for later viewing, if you download this 28mb file it comes out better quality to!  Oh ya I'm in it to so look for me, my name is stated in the video.

My History Snowboarding

Kokanee Jam Tour- Slopestyle- 6th Place

Kokanee Boarder-X Series- Bordercross- Quarter Finalist

Nokia Snowboard Tour- Halfpipe- 2nd Place


My Snowboarding Stats 

Best Trick- Rodeo Mute

Best Spin- 720 Tail Grab

Best Grab- Seatbelt and Shifty Stiffy

Best Combo- Backside 360 Mute to Indy to Tail Grab

Biggest Cliff Drop- About 35 feet

Best Grind- Nose Grind to Front Flip (didn't land it, but I came close)

Best Invert- 1 Hand invert in pipe held for about 3-5 seconds

Favorite Trick- Shifty Stiffy

Stance- Regular

Favorite Event- Slopestyle

Trains at- Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay (Banff, AB)

Favorite Place on Hill To Ride- Halfpipe

Needs Most Work On- Halfpipe (Various Aspects Of It)

Best Conditions- Dry Powder (Not Wet and Heavy)

Best Time Of The Year To Snowboard- January to March


Pictures Of Me!

Right Before The Boardercross Event At Nakiska, Alberta


I'll Have More Photos Here Very Soon! They Would Be Here By Now If The Photo Company Didn't Lose Them!




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