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Handy Networking Stuff

File sizes

16 Meg      16384K  or  16384000bytes

Running Roys Script findsave  (type findsave for help)
roydfellows: findsave "tacacs server" | xargs grep "tacacs server"
roydfellows: findsave "tacacs-server host" | xargs grep "tacacs-server host" > paul.txt


EIGRP  Troubleshooting commands

show ip route eigrp                Shows EIGRP entries in the routing table
show ip eigrp neighbors         Shows all EIGRP neighbors
show ip eigrp toplology          Shows entries in the EIGRP topology table
show ip eigrp traffic               Shows the packet count for EIGRP packets sent and received
show ip eigrp events              Shows a log of EIGRP events. These are routes being added or
                                                removed from the routing table

EIGRP Commands

router eigrp 10
network                                                   With version 12 abd above you can put the default-mask in.
passive-interface passive-interface ATM2/0.1             Stops routing updates from being sent on an interface.

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